Nicholas Mastoras studied Design History in London and after an extensive work experience in the communications world, in 2014, he pursued his real passion and became a full time professional photographer. He believes in aesthetics and ideas, not just images. The power of his imagery relies on concepts and details, creating visual narratives which evoke curiosity and energy.  
He works closely with advertising agencies and creatives on the artistic direction of a project before photographing it and has collaborated with diverse brands for their content creation and campaigns, including Aegean Airlines, Apple, Adidas, BMW, Epson, H&M, IKEA, Oriflame Sweden, Toyota, VW as well as independent designers, cultural organisations, artists and activists.
Nicholas seeks for the everyday wonders of life in travels. The core of his work reflects this quest and his decisive eye on the interactions between people, nature, emotions. He shares his visual diary and experiences on his Instagram and has founded Another Studio in Athens, where he experiments and obsesses with images. 
He has participated in various group photo exhibitions and has also organised a personal exhibition at the Cycladic Museum in Athens, dedicated to his life changing trip in Uganda, where all the proceeds from the sales of his works supported Action Aid and contributed to its programme in the region. He was excited to learn that Apple chose to licence one of his images for their worldwide campaign “Shot on iPhone 6S” projecting it in global prominent magazines and in central stations and billboards in the world’s major cities. 
In the end, it’s not about how you see things, but where you let them take you.
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